Men's or Boys Hockey Team Slipper Crochet Pattern


Story Behind the Bootie! 

My brother asked me to make him a Hockey Team hat so I thought I would make him matching slippers!


Men's or Boys Hockey Team Slipper Crochet Pattern

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These slippers are Cozy & Squishy on, and work up quickly.

Have fun with color! Solid or stripe!

Material List

#4 (MC) Red Heart SS – (AC) Blue, (AC) White

Or u can also choose your own colors hook 

Scissors, Tapestry Needle.      

Measuring Tape (optional)

Buttons or Embellishments as desired.



MR- Magic Ring or Chain 4 & join.                                                   CH – Chain

YO – Yarn Over                                                                                             TO – Tie Off

SS – Slip Stitch.                                                                                               SK – Skip a Stitch

SC – Single Crochet.                                                                                    FPSC – Front Post Single Crochet 

 DC – Double Crochet                                                                                MC – Main Color — AC – Accent Color.                                         

 FP/BPDC –  Front/Back Post Double.                                            SC3tog – Single Crochet 3 together


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My name is Dee!
I am recently retired & moved back home to Newfoundland
and spent my down time crocheting & designing patterns