Patternosity Logo

Patternosity is a social network and marketplace for crocheters and knitters. It is a home for pattern designers, testers, editors, and makers.

Members can promote and sell their patterns, follow their favorite designers, collaborate with other makers, find helpful tools, get advice, and be a part of a welcoming community.

Patternosity offers a full-service selling platform, pattern test and CAL/KAL hosting, and a dedicated place to help pattern designers thrive.

Core Values

Embrace Diversity

Patternosity aims to create a welcoming environment for all makers. Tastes, interests, and backgrounds vary from person to person, and inclusion is what creates a true community.

Community Over Competition

This phrase is a staple in the maker community and one of the most important values. Patternosity encourages uplifting others, sharing knowledge, and supporting even the smallest of businesses.

Meet the founders

About Us

Hey there! We are the husband and wife team, Ryan and Mahala, founders of Patternosity! We met in 2014 and got married in 2018. We both have a love for web design, dinosaurs, chocolate, and all things purple! We have two beautiful daughters and we live in Little Rock Arkansas.

In 2016 We stumbled into the world of pattern design. After releasing a couple of patterns, we began to rethink the stressful pattern testing process. After talking together, we toyed with the idea of starting a site dedicated to pattern testing.

As time went on, we saw crochet and knit patterns gain popularity as more makers ventured out and created their own designs. There was an increasing need for makers to have a set place to get advice, create together, share their patterns, and collaborate with like-minded yarn friends.

Our original idea eventually evolved into us creating a social network for pattern designers, and from there, Patternosity was born.